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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And So it Often Is...

Judas Kiss

A friend, a follower, a companion on the way
A trusted confident…a brother some would say

I walked with Him, I looked up to Him, I trusted Him
I wanted Him to be
All He was meant to be…or maybe
It was what I meant Him to be…

And it’s not like He let me down, it’s not like He put me down, it’s not like He kept me down
It was more like I had eyes
But I still couldn’t see

And for 30 pieces I sold Him out
I betrayed Him…I caved in to the demons
That raged in side of me…

And sad is this song, and sad are these words
And sad is the lilt to my voice…but nothing
Is sadder than this

That of all my friends, He was my best friend,
Sometimes my only friend…and still
I betrayed Him with a kiss

What is your silver? What is this…
You place before Him?
The thing you wish you’d never do…?
What is your Judas’ kiss?


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