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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some Folks Would Be Happy...

Just to have one dream come true...
fm "mission in the rain"

i don't talk much about dreams...sometimes they are from God...i don't think this one was:

i dreamt i was going to do a funeral at a CYO (somehow, this CYO--catholic youth organisation--was on a military base of some sort)...the family was late, and then late again and then late again. every time they were late i had to talk a walk (not i wanted to take a walk, but like i couldn't stay there for some reason). because it was oppressively hot, each time i took a walk i had to remove my shirt and tie walk in the t shirt i was wearing.

on one of these walks, i passed down an alley...there was guy playing a pretty good guitar, and i thought i would try to recruit him to play in church on the way back. as i passed him i kind of nodded and gave him a thumbs up (something i doubt i would do in awake life...btw) and kept walking. there was a sense of mission on this walk.

after i got to the turnaround point i began my way back and a guy began walking a step or two ahead of me. just as i did, he had a guitar slung over his shoulder and there was a sense that we were traveling together. after a short distance, i realised that this was none other than neil young. "wow!", i thought (not a star struck wow!--even in my dreams i think i'm too cool for that-- but a wow! what in the world is neil--like he's an old friend--doing here?). so, off we walked together to the CYO to do a funeral. i was disappointed to not find the guy in the alley playing guitar...he must have went inside for tea or something, i thought, but i'll remember the place and come back later.

when we got there, bill c. greeted us--he also with a guitar over his shoulder. he was old friends with neil...and he was waiting for us. i realised i left my shirt someplace else...i just had on slacks and a tshirt...i can't do a funeral in this! i thought...what was i going to do? neil had on a sweater and i called to him as he and bill went down the stairs, guitars still slung over thier shoulders...but they kept walking.... not blowing me off, but being a little deafened by years of rockin'...he didn't hear me.

i was in a bit of a panic. it was a decent t shirt, i, if i only had neil's sweater...oh well...i walked around...looking for someone to help me...but there was no one...

then i woke up.

this all is interesting for the following reasons:

1. while i often remember dreams, they are usually fleeting and i'm grasping for the details. this one was full of details...right down to neil young's hat with a feather in it and the pony tail of the guitar player i heard--even the tshirt i was wearing...

2. why neil young? i like his music...but i could easily name 10-15 musicians i'd rather meet/have in my dream.

3. CYO? oh i don't know...

4. military base? don't know about that either...but it was very familiar and unlike any military base i have ever been on.

5. the cameos: bill c. knowing neil... ron and val from the local funeral home...even the picture of the guy who's funeral it was...hauntingly familiar.

who knows?


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Now that's what I call a dream! Could have something to do with your visit to hospital. I know I have had some pretty strange dreams after being there!

Anonymous wild bill hic said...

Hey Mike, Would have been nice to do a little pickin' in your dream.....Anyway,Iwas just thinking that God is the author of all things....that must include dreams.Everything He creates,(like our ability to dream) has a purpose and is significant somehow.It's one of those mysteries that we'll have to ask Him about when we go home.(along with thousands of other things).


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