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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Locke in the Supermarket

"i'm all lost in the supermarket
i can no longer shop happily
i came here for that special offer
a guaranteed personality

i wasn't born as much as i fell out
no one seemed to notice me
we had a hedge back home in the suburbs
over which i never could see

i heard the people who lived on the ceiling
scream and fight most scarily
hearing that noise was my first ever feeling
that's how it's been all around me

i'm all tuned in i see all the programs
i save coupons from packets of tea
i have my giant hit discotech album
i empty a bottle, i feel a bit free

the kids in the hall and the pipes in the wall
make noises to keep me company
long distance callers make long distance calls
and the silence makes me lonely"

from "lost in the supermarket" by the clash

if you've ever wondered what in the world you are doing here on earth, this is a song for you. it has it all...existential angst, post-modern pessimism, hopelessness, helplessness...

yet (at least for me) listening to it is an enriching experience, especially when i was in my late teens and early 20's...someone else felt the same as me! and they said it in a way that i never would thought of! brilliant!

locke was lost in the supermarket last night.

he was challenged to find his purpose; and to find it, the "old man" had to die. locke, however, couldn't bring himself to off his own father, even tho he hated him.

he feels he is destined for some sort of greatness...he is led to believe that he is special and that he knows things that no one else knows...but there is this...


his life does not match up to what he wants it to be...he is, truly, lost.

themes of alienation and confusion have always resinated with me. they still do. while it is a pleasure to not have to suffer thru the angst of not knowing why i am here on earth and what my life is all about, i still love the mystery of a life unfolding.

while the details of God's plan for our lives are revealed by Him only when He desires them to be, the purpose, hope and meaning that comes from knowing He does have a plan for us dispels any existential or post-modern drama we may want to put ourselves thru.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lost in the supermarket? Where the aisles are straight and clearly marked? Where they have courtesy phones at every intersection in case you need help? Yup that'd be me! Why does God make it so hard?

At least there's good fried chicken at the deli!

Blogger PMike. said...

hmmm...straight, clearly marked aisles; courtesy phones...

does God really make it so hard?

or is being lost in the supermarket our choice?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

our choice. we have clearly marked aisles, courtesy phones, etc.. in the form of his word.

But do we pick it up and read?
Do we make time to connect?
Do we choose to do his good deeds?
Do we choose to love our neighbors?

I don't do these things nearly enough
We make it so hard don't we when in reality it's sooooo simple. But the great thing is, when we fall and get back up and do the above, he is always waiting with opens arms. Thank you Lord.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to your response to anonymous #1: I'm glad Joe gets the concept of sarcasm.


Can you guess?

Anonymous Anonymous said...



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