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Saturday, April 07, 2007

You Can't have Easter w/out Having Good Friday First

Jesus, Lover of my soul let me to Thy bosom fly
i'm so weak and i'm so cold
and the lambs & the rest so speedily die

alibis roll off my tongue i'm looking for ruins to hide among
got a soul piled high to excess
with the wondefully useless and frivilous

praise due Your Name evades my lips
there's no helping hand with my fingertips
used to be someone, now i'm not worth a
have a bout a truckload of things trying to forget

since back in the garden on the first page
something about the cradle and the grave
the promises broken, more promises made
oh, and the image i've so defaced

played out on the pages of history
dripping in blood that flows from the tree
where the Father and Son part company
come back together for you and me

i don't know why You did it,
what was Your motivation?
crucifixion not a cool sensation

You had something to say, and You started to speak
the Cross is the place for Your coronation speach...

from "drunk on the tears"
by bill mallonee



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