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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well Stocked Shelves

do you know the guy who has every tool for every job you might possibly encounter? i wonder where he keeps them all...but, he has them. usually they are nice and neat and put away...he knows right where they are, too.

"Hey, *jim",


"you got a thinga majig?"

"oh yeah...sure. hold on a sec, let me think of where it is"

*2 seconds later*

"here you go!"

i'm glad for guys like that. they not only know what a thinga majig is, they have one handy. it's good to have a friend or two like that...

in today's scripture verse (2 Peter 1:3), it tells us that God, with His well stocked and organized shelves, has every thing we need (whenever we need it), to live a godly life. He's never going to be out...and He's never going to run out...

spend some time browsing thru the might not get every thing you want, but, you never know, you just might find what you need.


Blogger stacey said...

I have two Daddy's like that.


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