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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Believe...

in God's power to change me.

i'm not always so sure of my willingness to be changed.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Amen Me too.but I'm trying really hard!!!!!

Anonymous Bridget said...

When we accept God as our Lord He becomes lord,leader,master of our lives. A lord of a mighty nation that works together for HIs glory. Working together for a common goal requires change in some way by all so that a balance is maintained and the goal is met. Thank God that He isn't like earthly lords in that he produces the change in us in a spirit of love and mercy. We just have to submit. He does all the work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if we aren't willing to be changed if it is the will of God then it will be so. Like a rose that blooms to perfection under the nuturing rays of the sun or wilts pathetically when seperated from its source of life. We choose where we stand, He is still constant and still has a plan that He will see to completion just as He promised.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhh....the dichotomy.


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