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Monday, April 24, 2006

Did Ye Get Healed?

i've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks. but lost was quite interesting the other week. it was the one about bernard and his wife...i can't remember her name. rose? i don't know. any way, she was annoyed at him for "doing, doing, doing"...the story goes something like this:

they meet, fall in short order he proposes. she tells him, "i'm dying"...but he still wants to marry her and she accepts.

he then is consumed with finding a healing for her, even tho he doesn't much believe in people being healed. he takes her down to australia to a faith healer, who "because of different energies" cannot heal her...but maybe she can find another spot on the earth where "the energy is right" and she will be healed.

she found that energy on the island.

and now he wants to rescue her! she's already rescued...she knows it, he can't. so he's consumed with the process becoming intolerable to everyone. she embarrasses him in front of every one and, later, he asks her why...why would she do that, if he's only trying to rescue her?

she explains it to him.

and in that little morality play we see the balance between trusting (or being) and doing.

yes we ought to "do"...but not when it gets in the way of "being"...he was so preoccupied with doing for rose, that he forgot to "be" with the process he alienated all the people around him...including her.

when asked what were the works required by God for salvation, Jesus answered "to believe in the One He has sent".

let your doing spring from your belief.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

hum... I think this is also where trust in Him comes in not only believe. "We" cannot really "fix" things HE is the one as it is HIS plan anyway. We can help but not fix. Look how sometimes our prayers for people help bring about good things but sometimes He has other plans. We just have to continue beliving!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched that same episode. Isn't it awesome that we someday will go to "our island"? If we just believe,trust, and give our lives to Jesus we will all be healed and perfected in Heaven!!!!

Blogger PMike. said...

yes, indeed it is. i look forward to that day. when i visit folks in nursing homes one thing that generally comes up is "i can't wait to go back home"...they mean thier earthly is heart breaking...but i know, as i say something along the lines of "you'll love it when you get back home...", that the home they will go to is their heavenly home.

he who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as He [Jesus] is pure.


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