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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Make Your Bed in the Truth

"'I know the plans I have for you' says the LORD. plans meant for good and not for evil, plans meant to give you a hope and a future...".

we all love that verse from Jeremiah 29--and it's a great one. i remind myself of it all the time, because i don't always feel that way. i vacilate between feeling unworthy of God's love and God's plan and feeling forgotten and alone. there are slivers of time when i actually walk in the knowledge of what God has for me...and those slivers are like medicine to make the rest of the time bearable and even enjoyable.

the idea is to continually remind ourselves of God's tell ourselves over and over that this truth is true...and it is true for me! it isn't only true when i feel like it's isn't only true when i'm thinking about it. it is always, always, always true.

we actually have an easy job of it. we get to believe God. that's all. the people asked Jesus "what is the work of God that we might do to please Him?" "believe in the One whom God has sent.", was His reply. that's the work God is looking for.

what should we believe?

1. God loves us
2. God has a plan for our lives
3. The way to know God is thru Jesus and what He has done for us
4. His plan involves loving Him in return and we often do that by loving people, whether they are Xian or not

tell yourself. remind yourself. remember to remind yourself again and again.


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