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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Do Not Fret...

3 times David tells us not to fret in the beginning of Ps 37.

don't fret over evil doers.
they will soon wither like the grass
instead, make it your purpose to do good.
you will be blessed.
don't fret when other people succeed.
don't get angry.
be still before God.
trust Him, He has a plan.
don't fret.
it only leads to evil.
problems aren't (properly) solved when
the motivation is anger or jealousy.
we tend to imitate the evil behavior we're opposing.
do God's will in God's way...
what God wants in the way God wants.

in the end, that is all that matters.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An important message for me today as I am faced with,yet,another trial. Sicknes,financial,emotional,potential disease,an unsure future. It's hard to be still when I know that God also wants us to be doers as well. He did give us gifts and abilities to live our lives according to His direction but the path for me is unclear. There is a fine line between not worrying and being passive as the troubles surmount.

Anonymous nanamoose said...

Just want to say that I listen when you give your sermons and when we talk alone that seems to work for me. Plus I have learned to "listen" to God. He does have answers, just sometimes not what you want to hear but what He wants you to do. Also if you put your trust in Him you so see things happen and you do feel better!!


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