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Friday, April 21, 2006

Let's Go Swimming (O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus)

my kids...all least, most kids, anyway, love to go swimming. it' not even hot out yet and there they are in the stream by our house, in the pond at the neighbor's, in a puddle even. they just love to plunge right in.

we adults...we're a bit more sensible. it's cold outside, the water is freezing...what good will come of it??? normal people don't swim now. i mean, i swim...i'm a swimmer! but only in the middle of summer and preferably in a heated pool. then i feel..."refreshed"...or at least i'm wet.

the point is...we like things safe, comfortable, and easy. we don't like to be challenged...we don't like to feel awkward and ill at ease. now, of course, it makes sense when it comes to swimming... i am not going to join my kids in the lake yet...

but it doesn't make sense when it comes to life with Jesus. the only way to live the christian life is to plunge in and be in the water! completely! splashing and dunking and diving...with a child like faith in Jesus. there is no sitting on the edge of the pool, dangling your feet and bemoaning how cold it is.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

How about if we also forget some of the "things" we have heard or learned about being a "good Christian" that do not come from the Book but from "rules of the church"? Or hang out with kids and let their trust in Him rub off? Also for kids it really sometimes isn't exactly an adventure everything is new to them they are after all just learning about things.

Blogger stacey said...

I love that Faith Like a Child song by Jars of Clay.

I love swimming in the lake. : )

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love to be immersed in Jesus. Love to bathe in HIs love. Lately though it seems like the people on the edge, dangling thier feet, are throwing rocks, even boulders. I keep trying to swim but am often going under and can't hold my breath long enough. I feel like getting out and resting on the edge just dangling my feet too. I'm tuckered out.


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