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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is Your Nose Itchy?

whenever someone's nose was itchy my mom would say they were going to get in a of those old wive's tales, i guess.

but why is it that so many of we who call our selves christians like to pick fights? now, we don't call them fights...we call them debates...or standing up for the truth, or something like that.

at the pastor's retreat we went to dina was talking with another pastor's wife. in the course of their 10-15 minute conversation (their first ever, btw) dina was asked "is your church 'filled with the Spirit' or is it one of 'those' churches?"...uhm...well...yeah...we're kinda dead, i guess. i mean what is a person supposed to answer to that? then she was asked "so what does your church feel about the whole 'gay thing'?" yeah...well.

it isn't that that stuff isn't important, because those subjects are. but what is the point of the conversation? where could it possibly go? if we agree, then what? and what if we don't? then we have a, i mean a "standing up for truth contest".

i told someone about a conference...i thought they might genuinely be interested in it. they would benefit from it...i am sure. they replied "do they preach [insert theological position here]?"'s a marriage conference...i don't think superlapsarianism (or whatever--superlapsarianism is the only theological term i still remember) will come up.

come now...let us major in the majors...our first impulse should be to look for common ground not look for dividing factors.

once, i saw a guy handing out tracts in front of a store and i figured i'd stop and talk with him... maybe i'd encourage him a little bit. our conversation gradually shifted from the important things (like God's wonderfully amazing grace and the need to evangelise) to the not important things (particular denominational stands)...after a while i saw the conversation for what it was, a diversion from those important things...i apologised for side tracking him and took my leave.

to quote hunter (again!)

"some folks look for answers, others look for fights
some folks up in tree tops just look to see the sights
(or just looking for their kites)
i can tell your future, just look what's in your hands
i can't stop for nothin, i'm just playing in the band."


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Sounds like you were hanging out with some people who didn't pay attention to the written word when they read it. and are more concerned with public opinion. ?ie $ in coffer? Poor Dina I can see her poor face now dealing with people like this.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love each other, love each other, love each other! With compassion, patience and perseverance. That's the major focus. If we can keep helping each other to refocus here and truly behave like Jesus the minors become just that minor.

Blogger stacey said...

Great post.

Anonymous Cindy said...

I see where you are coming form in my experience there are people that fall into the same emotional tug of war, as it were, yet also there has to be people at both ends in order for it to be a tug of war whether it be in just words there is means to the end. . We have been part of Better Tomorrows and although I cannot say I could never be tugged into the war of words. I have been thankful I am learning more and more to choose my words with people who care just to squabble over them. Here is an address you might like


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