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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


i've never been a big fan of jigsaw puzzles.

other people love them, tho. they enjoy the time it takes to find the right piece for the right's calming to them. to me, however, it is maddening. all those pieces, so similar in size and shape and color...some almost fit in other's spots...if not for this or that (ever so slight) difference...

plus, there is the problem of missing pieces or (worse yet) pieces of other puzzles mixed in. sometimes we only think there are missing pieces...or we can't imagine where this piece could possibly go!

i can understand someone getting excited as they begin to see the picture forming... "wow! there's the nose!" or "ohhh, i's...a...uhm...bird thingy...or something..." and i suppose people get a sense of accomplishment and well being when they complete a puzzle. "ahhh...there it is done, now we can mix it all up and put it back in the box!"

i've actually seen some folks laminate their puzzles and display them like artwork...i guess that is, at least, i don't know...something to do.

i guess all things being said, i'm not a big fan of the jigsaw puzzle.

they take a lot of work and the pay off isn't that great.

i do, however, love the jigsaw puzzle as a metaphor for the Christian life. because, truth be told, we are all individual jigsaw puzzles that God is putting together and then forming those together into a larger jigsaw puzzles.

we all start out a mess.
we all remain a mess for sometime.
as we grow we begin to bear the image of Christ,
but still have a way to go for that last piece to be placed.
we all have odd edges.
when those pieces are laid properly, they go together nicely.
while we don't have missing pieces, we feel like we do.
we all have extra pieces that need to be tossed out.
we all will be completed when we see Jesus.

it is our job to work along with God and put together our own puzzles.
to recognize He has given us everything we need for life and godliness (hence, no missing pieces) and get rid of those pieces that don't belong (bitterness, resentment, envy, lust, etc).
we have to confess our odd edges to Him and trust He will smooth them out a little in putting our puzzles together...

then we can begin to help each other put our puzzles together. it is hard work...tedious at times... ridiculous at other times...painful often times.

but, when that puzzle comes is worth being "laminated and displayed" all for the glory of God.


Blogger stacey said...

So true. Great metaphor. That made me think.

Anonymous nanamoose said...

i like this had never thought of it that way great job guess you don't appreciate those puzzles the kids have huh ?


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