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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let God Arise and His Enemies Be Scattered

who and what are your enemies?

of course, there is the enemy...he is. he is a liar and hates the people of God and all that is godly. he comes to steal, kill and destroy...and prowls like a roaring lion...he wants to eat someone. but the Scripture tells us to resist him and he will flee.

but there are other enemies. you read (and write) about them here. our anger, our resentment, our lust, our fear, our self pity, our feelings of helplessness, our hate, our bitterness, our pride, our false humility, our sinful nature...

these are enemies harder to face. one reason is we don't like to admit we have them. they are like spies who infiltrate our ranks and live among us...waiting for the right time to manifest. in the meantime, they are hard to do we kill off "one of our own"?

harder than you would think.

but one thing that will help us is to let God arise! live a life of praise...think about Him, talk about Him, sing about Him...act like other words, live a God centered life...a life focused on you focus on Him, and keep your focus on Him...

Your Enemies Will Scatter.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

amen at first i was upset that i kept doing things that weren't Godly then i realized that i am not God so therefore i will have to work extra hard to be "good" it took years for these habits to form so they will not go away in minutes! also i keep trying to remember He knows i'm the one they wrote the song about you know amazing grace i'm the wretch they refer too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey...i thought that was me.


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