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Friday, April 28, 2006

Give Me My Rapture

To understand the song better, think "Rapture" in the sense of "being transported by lofty emotion and/or spiritual ecstacy" rather than the idea of believers being transported to heaven.

There are strange things happening every day
I hear music up above my head
Fill me up with your wonder
Give me my rapture today.

Let me contemplate the presence so divine
Let me sing all day and never get tired
Fill me up from your loving cup
Give me my rapture.

Won't you guide me through the dark night of the soul
That I may better understand your way
Let me be just and worthy to receive
All the blessings of the Lord into my life.

Let me purify my thoughts and words and deeds
That I may be a vehicle for thee
Let me hold to the truth in the darkest hour
Let me sing to the glory of the Lord.
Give me my rapture today.

by Van Morrison


Anonymous nanamoose said...

been reading this since you posted it still all i can think is HUH? need a little more insite on this one.

Blogger PMike. said...

it's a hymn of praise to God and a request for Him to reveal Himself.

v1 recognizes God's work in his life... "i hear music up above my head"

v2 states his desire to be near God and sing songs of priase. when we do so, He fills us up

v3 declares God's faithfulness in our difficult times (dark night of the soul is a famous piece of christian lit)

v4 is pretty self explanatory...

give me my rapture...let me experience tthe joy and peace of God so much that i'm overflowing.


Anonymous nanamoose said...

Thanks that did it now it makes sense to me. Thats how I feel some Sat. nites when we are singing He fills me up!!!!


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