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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get in the Game...

so, today, july 23rd, is a cold, rainy october day. it's about 60 degrees, but the steady rain makes it feel a bit colder. i'm sitting at home in pajamas imagining a nice warm cup of coffee but am too lazy to go make one. i'm using the excuse it will keep me awake tonight (which it probably would).

we just came in from joe's soccer game...they don't cancel soccer games for rain...only lightning. it didn't lightning at all, so, they played.

joe had a lot of fun. he and the other kids ran and splashed. they mushed their hair into faux hawks and other odd shapes. they pretended they were really hot and were sweating up a storm. they slid in the mud and laughed at each other. it was a blast for them. they didn't notice it was cold. the rain didn't bother them too much...they were having fun and a little rain and cold wasn't going to change that for them.

on the other hand, bella, carlo, our friend bill and me were standing on the sidelines watching. it was fun for a little while watching them have fun. we laughed as joe licked his finger and stuck it up in the air (as if to see which direction it was blowing) and then miss the ball with his kick...we huddled next to each other to keep warm. i offered my flannel shirt to the kids (and they very graciously said "no thanks").

after just a short while it wasn't any fun for us. we were just hanging on till the end...and with every whistle blown we hoped time was up. we moved around and even went to the other side of the field so the wind would be at our backs...but, by then we had had it. we couldn't wait to get home and dry off and warm up.

all the while joe had a big smile on his face.

so...what am i getting at?

there are a good many people in a good many churches on the sidelines watching the game. the cheer the players on; they give encouragement to them; they even help support the action. they have a vested interest in what is happening on the's important to them. and on nice days...when everything is going well and people are getting along and the preacher is saying what they want to hear...they are happy as can be.

but, on a day when it's rainy and cold and the preacher been dragging a few old sermons out and people are grumpy and blah, blah, blah...then it's easy to hunker down and wait for the final whistle, er, trumpet.

put me in coach, i'm ready to play today...


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