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Sunday, July 20, 2008

sermon outline 20 july 08

One way to start effectively praying for unbelievers is changing your attitude about them

Are they “lost” or are they “bad”?

"Lost" view:
Spiritual focus.
Considers own sinfulness. Humble.
Encourages helping and addressing the needs of the heart.

"bad" view:

Religious focus.
Considers own morality. Prideful.
Encourages judgment and seeks to change behavior and/or society.

We may disagree/dislike immoral behavior
But God is first concerned with the issue of belief
John 3:18

Always Consider Eternity
Passages relating to hell: Mt 5:22-29; 25:31-46;
1 Thes 1:9

Another thing we can do for the unbeliever is to
begin praying for them (from Colossians 4:2-6)

Be devoted to prayer
Pray consistently
Regularly (daily). Specifically (by name).

Pray earnestly
Remember the importance of evangelism.
Be passionate.

Pray rightly (IAW God’s promises)
God desires people to be saved
2 Pet 3:9 & 1 Tim 2:4
God is able and willing to answer prayer
James 5:16

Pray God will “send out workers”
Matthew 9:37

Who is an evangelist?
Some have a special gift, but we are all witnesses

A witness _______ the story of what they saw

And invites the person to experience the same

Pray God will “open doors” for evangelism

Don’t push (or pull) doors to open them
Let God have His time to work

Recognize we are a part of that person’s process

What can we do (beside prayer) to open doors?
(see vv 5-6)
Be _________ take _______________

Be _________-full be “_____________” w/salt

Key verse 1 Pet 3:15


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