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Saturday, March 22, 2008


so, yesterday my son and i were in a local store waiting at the counter while a lady helped us fill our order. she didn’t have children...well, at least i don’t think she had any children.

she very nicely said to carlo "is the easter bunny coming to your house?" carlo looks up at me and i nod

>>we don’t make a big deal about santa, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny (altho last week the tooth fairy "forgot" to show up)...but eb doesn’t do much in our home...easter is far too busy for us to really do anything<<

carlo looks at the nice lady and says "yes".

"is he going to bring you lot’s of toys?" she asks, sweetly. carlo looks at me with eyes the size of kansas...hoping i’ll nod "yes" again.

"is he going to bring you bubbles?" she continues...sweetly as ever. i lean over and say "sssshhhhh".

"is he going to bring you a frisbee? a motorized car?"


"how about a new bike?"


what the heck?!

carlo is about to have a seizure he’s expecting so much!

the lady looks at him, looks at me (i had that "you’ve got to be kidding me" look on my face)...and says in a pathetic voice:

"oh... i guess you’re just going to get some dumb candy, huh?".

yeah. and a hard boiled egg.

now you know why i said she didn't have kids?


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