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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who's Driving That Thing?

i remember once during college a friend and i decided to have some fun. it was a spur of the moment thing, which is when fun (and trouble) are most had. we were in his car and for some reason he put his seat down...i told him to start driving and he did...all around campus. as we passed by several different groups of people i told him to honk and i enthusiastically waved at was funny to see the looks on their faces change from odd curiousity to laughter as they tried to figure out who was driving.

was it a right handed steering wheel? i had one of the them when i was in was fun to drive and surprisingly easy. the muffler fell off after a while, but greece didn’t have (or enforce) those sorts of i fit in with the locals, so i never fixed it.

i don’t think driving that way was too dangerous. we were on a closed campus and we were only going 5-10 mph. it was easy to warn dave to turn or stop or anything like that. i wasn’t afraid at all. plus, driving this way required dave to pay attention...which he didn’t always do otherwise.

but i don’t think i would drive that way in town...or on the highway...or any where else, really. driving blind was was fun and fine going 5 mph...but change the scenery and it is dangerous and dumb.

when we make decisions in life...we have to admit a few things. first off, we’re driving blind. blind to how our decisions affect our future. blind to how our decisions affect the future of other people. sometimes we’re even blind to how our decisions affect our (and their) present.

"i didn’t mean for that to happen" or "i didn’t see that coming" are two of the saddest statements we can ever utter. they are also two statements that God NEVER makes.

we can drive blind at 5 mph...

but life doesn’t move at 5 mph, does it?


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