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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get the Led Out...

i want to be led by God. every step. i think one of the first things we have to do b4we begin to understand what it means to be led by God is learning what interferes with being led.

a common bill mallonee metaphor is the idea of communication with God being like a radio receiver...esp if you remember the old days of dial would fanangle that dial and get it in just the right spot to get your radio station in w/o static...if you were driving, it would change as you moved; you were forever reaching for the dial as you drove...esp when a good song was playing. if i was listening to the radio in my room, sometimes my mom or dad would be doing something downstairs and interfere with my station...eventually my older brother rigged up some sort of antenna that which worked well...except for when an airplane flew over head.

currently in our home we don't have cable/sat tv. don't want it either. our poor, deprived kids. but i miss baseball. alot. i listen to games on the radio...but it's a hassle...even tho the radio station is less than 10 miles away, i can hardly get it in. one day, i was listening to the sox playing the indians...and the announcers were obviously indian fans...and then i realized i was listening to a cleveland OHIO radio over powered our little nickle and dime radio station...i tried the old tin foil on the antenna thing...i got to get my older brother to come up and rig somehting up...

what are the things that get in our way? sin, obviously. it's great that our sins are forgiven...i love the thought that all of my sin paid for on Calvary's tree. that Jesus died for all of it (even the sins i will commit tomorrow). i don't have to get hung up on worrying about being forgiven. i am.

i walk in newness of life, bc God has forgiven all of my sins. oh, how i need that!

but, at the same time, i realize that sin corrupts my relationship with Him. it gets in the way...blocks the signal...brings static...confusion.

bad attitudes get in the way...unforgiveness...senses of entitlement ... selfishness ... anger ... well, unchecked anger. self pity...when i think about it, these things are all "me-focused". they aren't God focused...if God is the signal we are trying to tune in, other signals (including "me") just get in the way...
and i'm stuck trying to put tin foil on my spiritual ears in order to hear God...or i get duped into listening to the wrong station.

i want to be led by God. attention.



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