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Saturday, April 05, 2008

My C-Log About C-Logs

This C-Log is written with tongue sometimes firmly planted in is yours to figure out when, i guess...

i’ve never worn clogs. chances are i will never wear matter what words we call them or how stylish and acceptable it is for men to wear them. it won’t happen.

that’s a short rant about clogs. but, i want to rant about something else. i call them "C-Logs".

i (probably like you) keep a blog. "blog" is (i know you know this) short for " is a journal of sorts...a journal that other people can read. so, we probably shouldn't put too too much info in them...lest we reveal something that might get "used against us". and, as long as i’m complaining, i might as well say this, remember, other people read your blogs. lol...

but that still isn’t my rant.

why i do this, i don’t wife tells me not to...and she’s right. i should listen to her a little more often than i do...

but i read several C-Logs somewhat regularly...they raise my blood pressure and get my dander up...etc etc...sometimes i even try to "fix" them. i’ll ask a question or (only once, honest) let go with guns blazing and firing all over the place. i think i might regret that one time i fired on someone...not bc i think i said anything wrong or mean...bc i don't think i did(the C-Logger might disagree)...but bc, hey, it is his C-Log, right? he can write what he likes.

but, i do like to fix i tried to fix his C-Log.

"wait a minute", you say "what in the world is a ’C-Log’?"

ahhh yes...the C-Log. if a blog is a "web log" a C-Log is a complaint log. a running log of complaints...not your normal run of the mill complaints...they (the complaints) aren’t about the weather (i can complain abou that...we still have 2 feet of the stuff and it snowed again yesterday...grumble...mumble...), or about traffic (i could there, was in derby yesterday and there was 5--count them! 5 cars in front of me at the traffic light! [alright i can't complain about traffic, lol...but, gromble momble, anyway...), or about this or that...every day stuff.

no, these two C-Logs i mention complain about important stuff.

one of them is written by an atheist. i found her C-Log through a friend’s, i guess we have a mutual friend. she doesn’t post often...but when she does she tells the world just how stupid religious people are (esp christians). she informs us just how smart and noble she is since she has dismissed the notion of healthy and happy her children are bc they aren’t force fed religious fairy tales and how dysfunctional my children (well, not me personally of course, but know...) are, bc i do raise them to know God is real. i find her to be quite mean spirited and unhappy and abrasive. this C-Log is dedicated to complaints about religious, bc i’m a curious guy, i read her other blog. i wasn’t too surprised to find it to be another C-Log...albeit this one dedicated to the trivial things of life. like coffee drinking "some people are so stupid!" she writes "they don’t even know how to make coffee! it takes 2 TABLESPOONS of coffee to make one cup!!! don’t you _________ know anything/???" and numerous other matters...

but, you know, altho i find it sad, i read it. for a couple of is, i want to know how the unbeliever thinks. i’ve been a follower for 20 years now...i remember my life back then...but it is hard to go back to that way of thinking. most of my friends are christians...i work in a christian environment...i need the "fresh air" (like going outside when you live in the city) of an unbeliever. another reason i read it is bc, like a car wreck, it is captivating in it’s brutality.

the other C-Log is different. it is written by a christian. he’s sincere in his belief. and on a lot of levels, he is a nice guy. i knew him for a few years, some years back...i won’t say when...i don’t want people from the various stages of my life trying to figure out who it is...(btw, the thought does hit me...then why C-Log??? bc i think i might explode if i don’t and i have to preach

the problem with this C-Log is his condescending manner of writing. every one else is wrong...i know we all have opinions...and we all think our opinions are right...i do (think my opinion is right, that is). but this is different. nearly every post is about how someone (or someones) is wrong about this or that. he often focuses on one word (or a short saying) of what they said and runs with it. he is a very smart and studious can just put you off with his words (or his attitude???). any way...

i think the saddest thing about this is after i read my christian friend’s C-Log i ahve that same empty, just got hit by a bat feeling i have when i read the atheist’s blog...

probably how you feel right now after reading my

i really should listen to my wife more...and

as God helps me, may this be my last C-Log.


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