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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Walk the Line

or, at least i try to.

there is a continual need to create balance in our lives.

the balance between work and leisure.
the balance between faith and action.
the balance between justice and mercy.
the balance between eternal security and personal responsibility.
the balance between culture and tradition.
the balance between tradition and relevance.
the balance between grace and obedience.
the balance between blessing and blessing.

in other areas, we must be careful to "not cross the line from:

charity to enabling.
challenge to unrealistic expectations.
discipline to abuse.
contentedness to apathy.
contentedness to pride.
responsibility to control.
concern to gossip.
a couple to a few too many.

i suppose there are many other areas of balance in our lives...some of us keep the balance in some areas very well...others cross lines far too often.

we would be wise to slow down and become intentional. those are the first steps to balance.


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