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Monday, February 11, 2008

I Live in a Silvermine and I Call it Beggar's Tomb

i think if i were allowed to steal one lyric and say it was my would be this hunter line from "uncle john's band".

think about it...close your eyes...paint the picture...

our place of abode is full of precious metal. it's every the floor, in the walls, in the ceilings. we have to kick it out from the treads of our shoes.

our joyce meyer limited edition commode is made out of it.

we cover it up with rugs and pictures and paintings. we drill thru it to make more space...we even sweep it up and dispose of it in a big pile in the back where nobody can see it.

all the while cursing the drudgery and crying poverty and begging for...something.

we are oblivious.

oblivious to our blessings. oblivious to His promise. oblivious to His provision. oblivious to His presence. oblivious to His person.

we are rich. i don't mean with money...altho if you compare our lot to most of the world's, we are rich that way too, believe it or not.

but we are rich. we have a God who loves us with a love that is bigger than the sky. bigger than the sky. bigger than the sky.

do you get that? His love for us...His love for you is bigger than the sky . say it a few times.

His love for me is bigger than the sky. tell this (it may sound silly, but please PLEASE please do it..."mike, God's love for you is bigger than the sky. it is bigger than the sky and it is for you".

i've seen some big things in my life. i've been to texas. i've seen the wtc and empire state building. i've sailed on the ocean and seen a whale. i've seen mt. rushmore (it wasn't as big as i thought, btw).

when i was a kid my dad a '62 cadillac with slip slidy leather seats (and no seat belts. it had those was...a yacht. there was no way in the world i was going to take that car to my driving do you parallel park something that big?

i've laid on my back on a bright summer day and watched the clouds and picked out shapes...there's a mountain...there's a whale...there's a building...whoa...there's a cadoo! can't you see the tail fins.

amazing how even the biggest things we can imagine can fit in the clouds of the sky...we see them, white and dreamy, floating by...shifting shapes all the while. i often wonder how big a particular cloud is...does someone in another state see that same cloud? how about in florida or california or honduras or...china? i don't know.

but i do know that of all the big things i've seen in this life...there's nothing bigger than that great, big, blue, sky.

and God's love for me is bigger still.

thanks be to the God who loves me bigger than the blue sky. i'm glad He forgives me for calling it my beggar's tomb.


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