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Thursday, January 17, 2008

When Nothing Becomes Something

funny how just a few words changes everything.

the other night bella wouldn't fall asleep. it was getting late andthe boys were both asleep, but bella? bless her stubborn heart, refused to allow herself to fall asleep. it may have been that she fell asleep in the car earlier in the day, i don't remember...but regardless, it wasn't a big deal.

not yet.

after awhile i went to her room to see what the problem smelled. not bad...but not good. now, with boys around you get used to bad smells; but it wasn't a smell like that.

it was...almost good. was supposed to be good...but, either way, it was overwhelming in it's strength (i've a sensitive nose)...

speaking of noses...

me: my dog has no nose.
you: really? how does he smell?
me: terrible. but that's beside the point.

ok...back on track here...

so, bella obviously has doused herself in cheap, girly-girl, dollar store, flowery-fruity, perfume. her hair was even matted with the stuff...i don't like it (the smell, that is)...but it's not a problem.

well, not yet.

so i ask her, "bella, why do you smell?" lifting her arm and sniffing at her underarm (hey, she has 2 brothers), she replies "i don't smell".

"you do, bella", i say, scanning the room for a bottle. "you smell like you are wearing perfume. are you?"

"no daddy."

"of course you are. i can smell and i can feel it in your hair. why would you lie about it? it's not a big deal. where did you get the perfume?"

"i'm not wearing perfume."

oh my.

must it come to this? this is senseless and needless...i just want her to tell me the truth.

bc it wasn't a big deal...but it is now.

what's happening in major league baseball is similar. ok...steroids are a bit more of a big deal than cheap perfume...but, bb didn't have any rules against for years.

it was/is wrong...but it wasn't criminal. at least it wasn't was unsportsmanlike. it was cheating. it was desperate.

but it wasn't a big deal.

not yet.

but then, they lied about it. over and over and over and over and over. they lied and lied and lied.

they lied to the press. they lied to their peers. they lied to their competitors. they lied to their families. they lied to themselves. they lied so many times they must have forgot they were lying...

bc then they lied under oath.

and now, it's a big deal.


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