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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Commentators, Coaches and Preachers

"always pray. and while you're praying, pray for me. pray that God would give me an opportunity to preach the gospel and that He would enable me to speak it with clearity and power that people could hear it and understand it and put it into practice"
Colossians 4:1-2 (TMSD version)

i was just reading an article where 3 commentators gave the "keys for jacksonville to upset the patriots".

they said things like:

"Well, nothing replaces experience and the bottom line is that Garrard just doesn't have it in this situation"

"Tempo, tempo, tempo...The best to slow the game's scoring pace."

"There are two keys, really – the first and most obvious is patience; the second, and one that must be achieved for the first to have any realistic chance of being relevant, is staying within striking range"

such things are all true. but, how do you do it? sure, the key to winning the game it to score more points than you allow the other team to score. to have your offense play better than their defense and your defense better than their offense. you have to keep brady-moss contained. you have to keep them from getting first downs. you have to avoid going 3rd and long all the time. you have to tackle and not get tackled. of course.

but the real question...the question the coaches have to answer is: how do you do it?

that's the difference between commentators and coaches.

oh, that i would be a coach and not just a commentator when i preach.


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