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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Explanation of Previous Post

"Were I to focus on a defect
I could be the actor
And play the devil
Who casts grey skies and doubt on what is certain otherwise"

hmmm...jim eliot once wrote (quoting robert browning):

"only two people knew what i meant when i wrote that: me and God. now, only God knows"

it took me a few...but i think i

but i was thinking about how we can focus on one (or a few)character flaw in an individual and sully their reputation and have them remembered poorly.

i thought of my own dad...i think he was a great man; and, to be honest, there is no one else i would want to model my life on than his.

he was honest.
he was kind.
he was good.
he was gracious.
he was wise.
he taught better than anyone i know...and he never taught me once.

i miss him's coming up on six years since he died.

but anyway...for all of my father's goodness, he was also a man with faults. if i chose to focus on them...i could probably paint a different picture of who he was and convince people he was...well, fill in the blank.

when we do that in someone's life we become just like the devil, the "accuser of the brethren".

we can choose to make people look good or make them look bad...

i don't want to be in league with the devil.


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