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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There are Three Things I Don't Understand

four that just confuse me...

how boats sail on the water
how a snake moves on a rock
the way of a man with a maiden

and a compact disc with a music lover...

this happens with me occasionally.

i've owned the cd "whatever" by aimee mann (she of "voices carry" fame) for at least 10 years. i suppose i listened to it when i bought it...or at least tried to listen to it. but i don't remember it at all. in fact, i remember not liking it.

but it's been sitting on my shelf (at least it's not in the box with the other "unlistenables") for most all of that time. i was really convinced i don't like it. i don't know why...i just was.

today i looked at it and must be decent, right? so i put it in.

and...well, it's been in all day. it is very, very good.

she deserved her fame with "voices carry" (an excellent 80's tune)...she deserves more now (well...when this came out anyway).


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