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Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Dad's Dream

like most musicians, i always thought the idea of my kids being musicians very cool. we didn't want to push it, however.

music is almost always playing...whether it's the radio or just me...but we never imposed it on them...i was very afraid of turning them away...souring them...

joe chose the violin. he chose it. we didn't suggest it...we didnt' even encourage it. he always loved the sound and wanted to learn to play it. it is a hard (maybe the hardest) instrument to play and he struggles at times; but as he says, he likes to persevere.

carlo chose the drums. altho i think it would be safe to say the drums chose him. i think he's amazing...sometimes we're playing and he's just lost in the rhythm. out of the three, he likes music the most...he always asks for it to be on, and he has exceptional taste in music...he likes the clash the most--gotta love that.

bella chose the piano. she has a knack for playing with both hands and staying in key...that's pretty cool. sometimes she just plays b4 church in the morning...she's just playing...but it sounds lovely, like a symphony. i don't think it's bc i'm her dad either...but it may be.

any way, the coolest thing happened last night. i came in and the twins had my electric guitar (which i had left out after partially restringing it)...they were struming it and then (as only twins can do) they both said "daddy, your guitar is out of tune". they were right.

it made my day.


Blogger ctf said...

that, my friend, is cool.


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