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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Island's New Start

tonight we'll be watching lost...

but this post is from last week's recap episode.

the narrator (ben) wonders why the losties (they are often referred to as "our gang" ) would want to get off the island. he says something akin to: "why would they want to leave? the island has given them a new start. their old lives are over and they all had something to hide".

jack betrayed his father and his marriage crumbled. kate is a murderer on the run. sawyer is a con man. hurley cursed with good luck for him and bad luck for others. jin and sun are unhappy and trapped in it by her dad. rose has (island induced in remission) cancer. charlie a washed up rock star addicted to heroin. sayid was a torturer tortured by his memories. every body seems to be hiding from something...and those who aren't? well, we just haven't seen their back stories yet.

but here on the island they've found a bit of redemption. a newness of life. sure, there are hardships...there are mysteries...there are dangers...but there is a new start. plus, there seems to be abundant food and adequate shelter. they have the support of their fellow refugees...companionship...friendship...they even have old dharma beer.

so, why would they want to go back to, the real world? for convenience? for validation? for pleasure? for what? the old life wasn't a good life, don't they remember? they were universally unhappy and thouroughly unfulfilled. thier best sides have come out on the island...they have a chance to fulfill their potential.

i suppose you might say that they ought to learn to live within the "confines" of the island...learning to live within it's parameters...adapting themselves to it's ways.

that's what you have to do with new life.

hey...check out the band i'm currently listening to...a bunch of american white folk playing indian-christian music sung in hindi...amazing. click on the lyrics tab to read what they are saying (you have to do it twice, if you aren't familiar with myspace)


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