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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


"everyone i know says they need just One Thing
but what they really mean is they need just one thing more"

the christian life is the process of learning to need just One Thing.


that's what the ascetics were doing. they left thier families and friends and money and everything else to live in caves or trees or where ever, apart from everybody else...all to demonstrate thier need for only One Thing.


more than a few of them were sincere in what they did. they really wanted only One Thing. we may not agree with how they went about their lives...i think the need for family and community is biblical...but, in a sense, they were on to something--and i admire them for that.

they wanted One Thing and they wanted Him so much that they forsook a ton of other things... just to have that One Thing.

i am challenged by that. i'm not thinking of going out and living in the woods...but i am challenged to live my life a little differently than i do now.

how about you? do you want One Thing, or just one thing more?


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