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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lessons Learned

once i was working on some pipes under the sink and joseph (who was then about 3) climbed underneath with me. he was always interested in fixing things and building things (he still is)... as he watched me intently i turned to him and said "son, you can learn a lot of things from me. this ain't one of them.".

these are the things i hope my kids learn from me:

a sense of fairness.
to stick up for the little guy.
i don't have to answer someone's arrogance, pretty soon everybody realizes the jerk they are.
don't play all your cards at once.
i am the only person to put his head on my pillow.
grey hair is cool.
treat people nicely even if they don't deserve it.
keep right, pass left.

there are, of course, many other things i could mention.

but this day, i remember the things i learned from watching my dad.


Anonymous Bridget said...

That was my Mom. She gave of herself to a fault. Yet she genuinely taught me that caring for others is vital. Then God taught me why.


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