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Monday, August 04, 2008

Life in a Cage

during the children's story yesterday (it's everyone's favorite time of the service. to be honest, people remember teh children's story more than they do the sermon...i've even thought of doing the sermon like i do for the kids...anyway)...

i asked the kids what kind of bird they would choose to be...we had fun listening to their choices. robins, bluebirds, later one boy told me he would like to be an eagle.

none of them said they wanted to be a parakeet stuck in a cage. i know lots of people have birds as pets...but i wouldn't want to be that bird. birds were meant to be free...birds were meant to fly, not to live in a cage for someone's entertainment.

but, i must say, it's an easy life for it. lot's of predators (except the cat)...i guess you might even say they have some sort of companionship...

it's easy living in a cage. but it's living in a cage. it's not living as living should be. it's less than. it's existing.

there are lots of cages for christians.

the devil's lies. people's expectations. guilt. selfishness. comfortableness. fear. anxiety.

you weren't meant to live in a cage. you were meant to live free.

it's risky.

but it's worth it.