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Saturday, June 28, 2008

God Bless You...This Morning

God bless you in the morning
as you first begin to rise
and you put your feet down on the floor
and rub the sleep from your eyes

God bless you with your coffee
and as you eat your toast
as you ponder your busy day
and what thing you should do first

God bless you as you get the kids up
and they complain and gigle
God bless their little arms and legs
as you dress them thru their wiggles

God bless you with the car keys
and as you shut the door
and sit sighing as you start it
remembering some undone chore

God Bless You...This Afternoon

God bless you as you're driving
and weave the morning mess
God bless you on your arriving
& as you sit down at your desk...

God bless you this afternoon
as you finish up your meal
and wish you could take a nap
for your waning zeal

God bless you amidst the papers
or among the hammers and the nails
or about your many students
or the milk pails

God bless you on your ride home
and as you share your meal together
and as you chase a thousand ways
God bless the ties that tether...

God Bless You...This Night

God bless you as He finds you
as this day turns into night
as you tuck your kids into their beds
and turn on their night lights

God bless you in the silence
or in the din of the t.v.
or in the pleasant conversation
or (sadly) in the animosity

God bless you in the covers
as you lay there and thoughts stew
and as the sleep dust hovers
may indeed, God bless you