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Monday, September 17, 2007


"where have you gone, joe dimaggio
a nation turns it's lonely eyes toward you;
what's that you say, mrs. robinson,
joltin' joe has left and gone away"

so i can't figure it out...

am i pessimistically optimistic, or am i optimistically pessimistic?

am i a cynic...or a realist?
am i a realist...or is that just an excuse to be a cynic?

we live in a cynical world, don't we? every body is messed up. everybody lets us down. every body...yep.

we have a highly regarded coach being caught cheating. we have a washed up pitcher re-born as a hitting phenom caught cheating. we have a highly regarded minister and leader...caught cheating...doing the very thing he preached against over and over. we have celebrities...oh, who cares about celebrities...but we have them...and they are messed up.

where have you gone, oh st. joe? where have you gone?


Anonymous Bridget said...

Then we see kids at Hanover High School cheating and the press reporting that cheating is rampant throughout school and parents are blamed and confused. Where did we go wrong? We are living in a society where there is no black and white. Our kids have grown up in an era of if its good for me then its good. It's truly a battle to be waged on our knees


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