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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Wind (again)

a few months ago ( i think) i shared a song...

well, it has changed (as songs sometimes do)


I want to listen for the Wind
That isn’t just the wind
As it rustles thru the trees

I want to listen for the song
Although the night is long
In the morning hear the breeze

The wind is something a man can’t explain
i hear a voice talking but I tell you I’m sane

I’m tired of chasing after wind;
That is only wind
As it blows round the dead leaves

I’m tired of dead air,
the kind that just hangs there
Cause in the end it always leaves

The wind is one thing that leaves a man with nothing
When he thinks it something until he sees his empty hands

the wind, where it comes and where it goes
where it is and where it blows
for all our wisdom no one knows


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