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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Skewed Polls

i used to love calvin & hobbes. i miss reading them everyday...especially sunday. one shtick i loved was when calvin would go to his father with the lastest poll of six year olds...his father always was on the losing end. the funny thing is his fatherhood was not an elected position which would be affected by polls; but hey, a kid can dream, right?

if we polled 1000 Christians if they were being "fruitful and productive" (ala 2 peter 1) in thier christian lives i would guess that approximately 67.6% would say yes.

but is that a skewed poll?

if we polled 1000 christians if their church was being "fruitful and productive" we might get similar results...

but is it so? i don't know.

but i do think, if you wanted the truth about fruitfulness and productivity, you would speak to their (the christian's) friends. esp their non-christian friends.

you might ask them these sort of questions:

did you know your friend considers themself a person of faith?
do you know what kind of faith your friend has?
has your friend ever talked about their faith with you?
where they able to talk about it w/o arguing?
has your friend being a person of faith had a positive effect on you?
have they generated an interest in you to seek out a faith of your own?
have your seen your friend's faith expressed in ways other than verbal?
has your friend ever invited you to church?
would you go with them if they invited you?

what would your friends say?


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