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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Father's Influence

today i watched as my 5 yo son was struggling with tying his shoes. both his brother and sister have those velcro fasteners for theirs...and i guess, he's none too happy about it.

"man, i'm glad i don't have velcro on my shoes", he said. "why?" i replied. i thought maybe he was going to say "bc i'm learning to tie" or something...

he looks at me with a straight face and says, "dad, i was being sarcastic"...

dina and i marvel, not so much at how much our boys are like me, but in how much they want to be like me.

and that, to me, is sobering.

and it causes me to do i want them to grow up? what character traits do i want them to display? how should they resolve conflict? will they be people who persevere? will they be people who bless others? will they stand up for what is right? will they be humble? will they be committed (well...i mean, will they be people who are faithful)?

and the list goes on.

so, as i compile my list...i have to wonder, how am i doing in those departments? i am thier example...they imitate is my job to display these character traits...

wow...God help me.


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