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Friday, June 23, 2006

For the Record (and my apologies for complaining)

the "Love isn't Blind" comment really meant nothing other than what it meant in the romantic sense...

but it did prompt some thoughts.

dealing with other people's sins is tough business.

we have to balance between:

pride and humilty.
personal feelings and God's word.
the person's ability to hear and our responsibility to share.
our understanding of the situation and how the situation really is.

all the while we have to watch out for :

the tone of our voice.
the tone of our attitude.
the words we use.
the words we don't use.

(please forgive the vagueness of the following):

my wife told me recently of a situation where someone we know was, in our opinion, going far above and beyond what most christians would go in dealing with a particular situation.

i know for sure that, if i was in a similar situation, i wouldn't handle it half as well as this person did.

this person is a "saint" in this situation! we've been shocked at people's expectations of him/her and each time he/she "out does" them! he/she's been Christ in action! selfless...loving... gracious...kind...

like i said, i've been impressed.

finally...far down the Jesus road...this person finally said enough! this isn't fair...and i don't have to take it! if you want to do that, you can do it. but i'm done and i won't--nor do i feel i have to. etc.

i don't think this person was out of line for doing so.

i do, however, think the people who have continually asked him/her to do the things they have asked him/her to do are out of line.

so, now, one of these people visit this person...concerned for their salvation, no less!

push some more.
push again.
push a little harder.

and now,

"you know, i'm very concerned about your haven't forgiven people..etc etc".

somewhere...we need to find the balance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Balance? Like a teeter totter 1\2 the weight on one side 1\2 the weight on the other.Carnally parallel to the world! Try putting ALL the weight on god's side and see to where the teeter totter points you.

Think like a man,live like a man. Think like a spirit, live like a saint!


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