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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"ARG! Where's Me Glass Eye??"

well the i was reading a book about pirates to the kids...


about "turning a blind eye to sin"...

how do we deal with sin in another person's life?

what do we say?

when do we say it?

how do we say it?

inquiring minds want to know...


Anonymous Bridget said...

o.k. So we need to address the plank in our own eye, that I understand. But do we still stand quietly on the sidelines as our brothers and sisters in Christ continue to witness to the unsaved that embracing sin in our lives is acceptable. Until the day I die and stand face to face with Jesus I will struggle with that "plank" in my eye but the struggle is what is important. I encourage us all to come along side our fellow christians with humble exhortations to address our sins and flee from them together. We're all in the same boat with the same job, to offer a new way that leads to life everlasting. Encourage each other, with love and humility, to flee sin every day. Then when we see our maker together it will be with the perfect vision of new eyes, not ones marred by the planks of sin.(nor ones made of glass)


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