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Monday, June 19, 2006

From a Journal Entry: 10 Nov 95

"love isn't blind...
it just sometimes chooses not to look"


Anonymous Bridget said...

Sure don't look when your spouse is drooling while she sleeps,but,don't turn a blind eye to sin especially sin that may lead to eternal destruction of that loved one or the ones her sin is seriously affecting.

Blogger PMike. said... day, dina was trying to sleep in the car while we were on a long ride, but couldn't because she didn't have a pillow. nice guy that i am, i offer my jacket/shirt to her, which served nicely as a pillow.

the next day, i was about half way thru an all day men's retreat and someone taps me on the shoulder, "hey buddy, you have a cough drop on your back". "what?" "a cough drop, on the back of your shirt..." i take off my shirt, and there was a cherry red hall's cough drop. coincidentally the same kind my wife had in her mouth as she drifted off to sleep on my shirt the day b4...

i've turned a blind eye to that, honest i have.


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