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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If i Look at a Reflection of My Reflection, Will Things be Downside Up?

Sometimes i think God is backwards. He does everything completely opposite to the way they should be done. His principles are not what come naturally to me...they even contradict my desires and inclination. most noteable, His ways fly in the face of my desire for self preservation.
i say curse! He says "bless".
i say save (well, spend!)! He says "give".
i say mine! He says "theirs".
i say hate! He says" love".
i say no! He says "yes".
i say yes! He says "no".
i say alone! He says "community".
i say avoid! He says "confront".
i say confront! He says "leave it to me".
i say sin! He says "here's a mirror, pal".
i say later! He says "now".
i say now! He says...

well, you get the idea. this proverb sums it up:

"one man gives freely, yet gains even more; another with holds unduly but comes to poverty" (11:24)

and it seems much of my life is spent trying to get in synch with God and what He is saying and what He is doing.

i want to be backwards like God is...


Anonymous Bridget said...

It's a mystery and an adventure every day. sometimes I think "this isn't the train I bought a ticket for I want off" because I'm not sure where it's taking me but I do know the final destinations. There are only two and I do have a choice where my final destination is. Both are secured to the track one leading up into the mountains (rough terrain)the other through quiet serene valleys(so it seems)one ends onop of the world the other at the bottom.


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