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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Did He Mean Everything?

"Everything that goes into a life of pleasing God has been miraculously given to us by getting to know, personally and intimately, the One who invited us to God. The best invitation we ever received! We were also given absolutely terrific promises to pass on to you—your tickets to participation in the life of God after you turned your back on a world corrupted by lust."
2 Peter 1:3 (the msg)

everything we need.
everything we need to live.
everything we need to live our life.
everything we nned to live our life in a way that pleases Him.

He gives us everything we need.

not a little.
not a lot.
not "some".
or even most.

not "just enough to get you by".
not "just enough to get you in".
not "spare change".
not "just a little something i was saving on the side fer ya".

everything. all. total. complete. fulfilled. entire. the whole shebang. b-i-n-g-o.

that's what it says. it says it right there. i see it with my own eyes. you see it with yours. we can read it alone or we can read it together. it is there for us to read and believe.

to believe. to believe. to believe.

it is there for us to read and believe.


Anonymous Bridget said...

What about us "doers" people of action who want to participate but keep running into walls that seem to have no doors. I want to do for God not because I feel obligated but because I love Him and feel physically closer when I'm "doing" I keep hearing "no not this" or "no, not now" and am feeling frustrated. I believe He has given me everything I need to live a life pleasing to Him but don't know how to use what He has given me.

Blogger PMike. said...

the most important thing about doing is being. we cannot fully "do" unless we fully "are". we spend much time thinking about what we can "do", or might "do", or will "do"...but very little time "being". thus, we never end up doing effectively. in other words, we want to do so badly, that we spend our time looking for big things to do, when God has 1000 small things for us to do.

what God wants from us is to begin (or continue) to live our lives (or His life inside us) in a way that we touch people with His love.

for me that means:

1. being loving at home. showing my kids God loves them by loving them. being kind. being gracious. being firm. when i do slip and say something i shouldn't, it means apologising.

2. being kind through out the day. whether it's driving (a personal weakness, i might add), or at work, or in the market, or laying in that stupid hospital bed...i try to be kind. kindness opens doors of doing.

3. tied into this are prayers thru out the day, re-offering myself to God...for His glory...for His purpose...that i might see those good works God has prepared for me to do, whether its big or small.

read the passage originally quoted. "God has given us everything we, add to your faith these things..." we have it all, but God does call us to mix stuff in with it.

what stuff? goodness. kindness. love. knowledge.

one version says this:
complementing your basic faith with good character, spiritual understanding, alert discipline, passionate patience, reverent wonder, warm friendliness, and generous love, each dimension fitting into and developing the others.

when we live this way...regularly...God can use us to do great things. everyday.


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