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Saturday, May 27, 2006

watching tape

sounds boring, huh?

but athletes watch tape all the time. they study and learn and grow by watching other players on video tape.

pitchers watch hitters.
hitters watch pitchers.

if our national pasttime is fading into history as i said yesterday, what can we as the church learn by "watching the tape"?

any thoughts?


Anonymous Bridget said...

Well if I watch the tape literally like on thurs. night chan.14 I am reminded not to sit in certain pews. my kids draw attention to us enough w/o a camera. But figuratively we can learn from the mistakes and triumphs of people of the Bible by reading it studying it and sharing it with each other. God did give us clear directions and living examples of how we should and shouldn't walk our walk

Blogger stacey said...

It is useful to "watch tape" for both victories and defeats... to see where we have royally missed the mark, but also learn from others victories.

Blogger PMike. said...

yes it is. how about we watch the tape of the mistakes mlb made and learn some lessons for the that we don't make the same mistakes.

any thoughts on that?

Blogger stacey said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

major league baseball

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that if you were to watch tapes of years gone by you would see something that is missing. Parents with their children. Children can't learn about something unless they are taught. Kids don't have that enthusiasm for mlb because no one shows them how to play the game. I know...there is t-ball, little league, etc...But for some families that is a babysitting service. Children get excited when grown ups do. Especially if it's their parents. Have you ever seen a child hit his/her first run? The look in their eyes is priceless. My greatest memories are playing ball after a bbq with family yet I very seldom play baseball with my kids. Kids do what their parents do. (the good and the bad) If you sit down and watch tv so will they. If you get up and toss the ball in the backyard so will they. But I'll bet that the second choice will be more fun--I am going to find out.

Blogger PMike. said...



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