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Friday, October 12, 2007

Notes on Stella Blue

one day we will walk the vale, as they say. our lives will hover, if even for a moment, between life and death. we've all heard the cliche's...and none seem to satisfy.

but because something is cliche doesn't mean it isn't true. most cliche's are true (or at the very least, have large elements of truth to them), that's why they've hung around for so long.

life flashes b4 your eyes. it's a's a's so short, even if it's been so long.

that's what (tonight) i got out of stella blue.

cindy's life is hanging in that great balance between life and death. i write with hope she will live many more years...add more stanza's to her song...dream more dreams. but we've no guarantees.

so we pray for mercy and grace.

for cindy.
for her children.
for her husband.
for her grandchildren.

God, You who ordains our days and counts them up before one of them even is, we ask for mercy and grace. if You should lengthen days we are grateful for your mercy and grace. if You should not, we ask that Your mercy and grace speak loudly to those in need and bring grace and and comfort.

through Christ, our Lord,



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