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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes the Songs We Sing are Just Songs of Our Own

if you've read along for any amount of time here, or listened to a sermon or two, or had a casual conversation with me, you know i love lyrics...well, good lyrics anyway.

i like lyrics that seem obvious at first, but then (maybe years later) have you thinking about them over and over...

"is this what he (she) meant?"...

"oh...look at that! i never saw that before!"

"man! i wish i said that first!"

in every generation there are a few great songwriters...there are always lots of popular songwriters, or lots of songwriters who write popular songs...there are even some songwriters who have a reputation for greatness (but really aren't all that great).

so, what makes a great songwriter?

he has to say common things in uncommon ways...he also has to say uncommon things in common ways.

he has to sneak up on you with an obvious observation...he also has to occasionally stun you with wit and go in a direction you just hadn't imagined.

he must be personal and he must be universal.

he must be steeped in metaphor and lean in cliche.

his tunes must be joyful and somber...toe tapping and heart wrenching.

wow! it's hard work being a songwriter...nevermind being a great songwriter.

i think this guy named bill mallonee is a great songwriter.

there may be better singers...or better packages...or better marketed artists...there may be better musicians...or funnier writers...or simpler wordsmiths...

but there are few with his gift of all of the above.

have you heard of him? i doubt it.

his gift is his bane...he isn't for the lighthearted...he isn't for the superficial...and, generally speaking, you wouldn't put him on to liven up a party.

he's for broken people. people who have noticed that the life they are experiencing isn't exactly the life they thought they should be getting. he's for people who think...not neccesarily for people who whine...there are themes of redemption and reconciliation in his songs (and people who only whine aren't interested in those themes).

he's good. very good. yeah...maybe great.

please see for your self:

has 4 tunes to listen to; and:

has 2 whole albums you can download for if you like them, please order a few more because:
1. they are worth owning (i own them all)
2. he could use the cash...



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