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Saturday, June 02, 2007


we enjoyed our trip. it was an excellent conference...we learned alot, we were spiritually re-fired, we talked alot...we enjoyed the beauty of a different part of the country (altho not nearly as beautiful as vermont) was an excellent trip.

we also enjoyed visiting with our families. they are nice people (i say that in case they read the blog...). the weather was nice and we spent a lot of time swimming in the pool and when we weren't swimming we were in the a.c. we got to see both sides of the family...ate white castles and pizza...things were good.

but, even with all that good, we couldn't wait to get home. we were made for home...and all of our travels and our experiences on the road (both good and bad) remind us that, indeed, there is no place like home. we aren't settled until we get home. we feel safe at home. we are comfortable at home.

we were made for home.

it's kind of like that with heaven. things are well here...but, we still want to go home and we won't be fully comfortable (there is such a thing as "holy uncomfortableness") until we are there.

we were made for home.


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