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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Babble On

once, when i was in my early teens, i happened to run into my 2nd grade teacher, mrs. zebrowski. i liked mrs. zebrowski alot, she was every thing a 2nd grade teacher should be. maternal, gracious, bubbly, fun, but committed to her students' learning. i don't remember much about 2nd grade now (tell you the truth, i didn't remember much about it that time i met her), but something she said to the teenage "nesthead" mike d. always stands out to me.

she said, "michael, do you still tell stories all the time?". even in 2nd grade i was babbling on! i asked her what i talked about, and she told me "anything. everything. what was on t.v. last night. what wasn't on t.v. that i wanted to be. where i went with my family. where i didn't go with my family that i wanted to go. what i did in the afternoon after school...and so on and so on."

no wonder i became a preacher.

people who talk alot do so for different reasons. i can't speak to why others do...whether it's some emotional need for validation or some genetic mutation, i don't know. to tell you the truth, i don't even know why i tell so many stories.

i like to think that i have learned to quell my stories not be overbearing and controlling in a conversation. to listen even more than i talk. i probably fail sometimes...but i think i've gotten that down.

we all know some people who don't have that down. they drone on and on and sometimes don't even give you a chance to get a word in, for fear that you'll say "well, see you later". sometimes we avoid those people, or, if we have to go to the place where they are, we dread it all the way there. actually, that's why i try not to talk so much...i would hate someone thinking, "oh no! here comes that preacher guy! he's going to talk my ear off!" or something like that.

all this to say, "when you pray, don't go on babbling like the heathen do, thinking they would be heard for their many words. but when you pray, pray simply. with few words and get to the point. your Heavenly Father knows what you need and don't have to impress Him with words and phrasing...".

in all the time gone by in our world, God has listened to some great prayers, i am sure. c.s. lewis used to pray. spurgeon used to pray. i bet abe lincoln used to pray. those guys knew how to impress with words. i don't think God was overly impressed tho (and i don't they were really trying to impress Him) and me, we couldn't compare to the "greats".

be simple.
be humble.
be faithful.
be respectful and reverent.

God hears.


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