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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ramble on Rose

"goodbye mama and papa
goodbye jack and jill;
the grass ain't greener,
the wine ain't sweeter
on either side of the hill..."

fm "ramble on rose"
by hunter/garcia

i often think of "i do not want what i haven't got" an album put out in 1990 (or so) by sinead o'conner. musically, it isn't memorable for me...there's a good tune or two, i guess. the most famous song, ironically, is "nothing compares 2 u" as song written by prince.

but the title!
i think about the title all the time!

how do i measure up against it?

do i want what i don't have? do i crave what isn't mine? do i desire the things that are out of reach? does the fact that i can't have (or shouldn't have) something produce a stronger urge to possess it?

it is a dark side of who/how we are. we can see it in other people...we can criticize it in other people...but can we see it (and surrender it to God) in ourselves?

when we're honest with ourselves, we must admit we have some murky motives...and the questions that will help sort out our motives...well, we must ask them.

if we don't...if we leave ourselves unchecked...we end up being spoiled little kids of the benevolent Father...

and not His children, created in His image...that the world might see Jesus in us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'everyhing will come out in the end' alright?

I hope they didn't leave anything that wasn't there when they went in!

(That Deacon Dan is way more trouble than he's worth.)

I know amigo but I'm funny, huh?


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