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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


our garbage goes out on wednesday night to be picked up very early thursday morning. usually, we bring the cans back in on thursday or friday (particularly if it's windy out...who knows where they may end up!)...but sometimes we don't.

i don't know why...lazy, crazy...but they just sit there. i laugh at myself sometimes over it. if it gets to sunday and they are still out, i'll chuckle and hedge bets with myself to see if we can make it to wednesday again...if there's no wind...if they don't end up on the street...if i can avoid cutting the lawn...and everday i come home (right past them) or spot them from my window i give a little laugh... "2 more days...1 more day..."...the funniest thing about it is, i have to walk down to the street today and collect the cans, bring them up to the garage and then fill them with garbage so i can take them out tonight.

but, there they sit. unused and unmoved.

kind of like my blog this week.


Blogger stacey said...

I do that sort of thing. I have to laugh at the sticky notes around my office that I ignore..

In my case, it's partially lazinees, partially a poor attention for detail.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story reminded me of a dear friend's father. He wanted this tree stump removed from their yard but refused to hire someone to do it. So there it sat all summer. He was determined to remove it the next summer but he was going to do it himself. One day my friend, her mom, and I were sitting at the table talking. "John" was outside looking over the tree stump (again!!). After awhile I looked out and he was staring at the stump. I mean for a long, long time. Well didn't we get a laugh watching him. I said, "maybe he thinks if he stares at it long enough it will just dissappear." I can't tell you how many times that summer he stared at that crazy stump. At some point he finally removed it (hired someone). He has passed away since. Everytime I think of him I think of that tree stump and that great memory that makes me smile.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess he was "stumped" as to how to remove it.

thank you folks, i'll be here all week!


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