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Thursday, July 06, 2006


a cool breeze is refreshing...
a gale force wind is not.

a wave lapping the beach is refreshing...
a tidal wave is not.

a romantic dinner is refreshing.
eating out at mcdonalds every night is not.

soft grass is refreshing...
an overgrown yard is not.

a coversation with your daughter is refreshing.
10,000 questions is not.

alone time can be refreshing.
isolation is not.

a dash of salt brings out flavor.
too much salt ruins the meal.

a gentle touch is refreshing.
a slap is not.

a bit of rain on a hot summer day is refreshing.
rain all summer long is not.

a kind word is refreshing.
a curse is not.

watching clouds go by is refreshing.
an overcast day is not.

you follow?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McDonalds isn't romantic?
10,000 ? is better than none just ask a parent of a teenager.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

feast or famine, eh?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feast or famine sounds like all or nothing. I don't think it is all or nothing. It is everything enjoyed a little. Finding happiness in the simple things and choosing to be happy in all moments. (ie) that first bite of chocolate cake tastes great but do we really need to eat the whole cake? all we end up doing is making our taste palate numb. I don't want to feel numb.

Blogger PMike. said...

altho your point is good, i only meant feast or famine in regard to my daughter's 10000 questions compared to a teenager's silence.

Blogger PMike. said...

i think what i meant by this post was i find it interesting that the thing God uses to be a blessing, He can also use to be a trial.

we can also take it to measure our involvement with/in people's lives. are we being a blessing (with apt and timely words and actions) or do we overwhelm people with out "witness", by being critical and judgemental etc...


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